Platform Research & Case Studies

There is a growing body of research and cases from some of the world’s leading scholars that seeks to understand and measure the platform economy. Our goal is to provide some of that material and make it available for business leaders and scholars. The papers listed below offer a (partial) overview of two-sided networks, the economics of platforms, and knowledge markets.

Research Papers/Presentations

Marshall W. Van Alstyne, Geoffrey G. Parker, Sangeet Paul Choudary. 2016. Pipelines, Platforms, and the New Rules of Strategy. Harvard Business Review Spotlight on Platforms. April 2016.

Andrei Hagiu, Simon Rothmans, 2016. Network Effects Aren’t Enough. Harvard Business Review Spotlight on Platforms. April 2016.

Feng Zhu, Nathan Furr, 2016. Products to Platforms: Making the Leap. Harvard Business Review Spotlight on Platforms. April 2016.

Benjamin Edelman, Damien Grading, 2016. Spontaneous Deregulation: How to compete with platforms that ignore the rules. Harvard Business Review Spotlight on Platforms. April 2016.

Peter C. Evans and Annabelle Gawer, 2016, The Rise of the Platform Enterprise: A Global Survey. CGE Research Monograph.

Olayinka David-West and Peter C. Evans, 2016, The Rise of African Platforms: A Regional Survey. CGE Research Monograph.

Thomas L, Autio E, Gann D, 2014, Architectural leverage: Putting platforms in contextAcademy of Management Perspectives.

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G. Parker, M. Van Alstyne (2013). “Innovation, Openness, and Platform Control.” working paper.  A presentation is available (11MB).

G. Parker, M. Van Alstyne (2012). “A Digital Postal Platform: Definitions and a Roadmap.” Technical report for the International Post Corporation.

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