A global community of educators have shared their materials to help students and working professionals learn the principles of platform theory and application.

Teaching Material

Parker and Van Alstyne, Platform Strategy Course Syllabus – Features the Book Platform Revolution.

Parker and Van Alstyne, Platform Revolution Slides Chap 1, Chap 2.

Lee, IMB/SMB541: The Online Economy: Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovations, Summer 2013

Bhargava, MGT 250: Technology Competition and Strategy, Syllabus for Winter 2013

Haigu and Kotosaka, GREE, Inc. (TN available from authors)

Haigu and Weber, Gazelle in 2012  (TN available from authors)

Van Alstyne syllabus, Information and Technology Strategies in a Networked Economy, Spring 2011.

Bhargava, Technology Competition and Strategy, Winter 2011.

Eisenmann, Managing Networked Businesses: Course Overview for Educators” for background.

Kuraitis, Replatforming Healthcare – Kuraitis – 7.13.2013